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Handmade Holiday Crafts: Tips for Festive Creations

Greetings, DIY Enthusiasts!

In the spirit of the season, we invite you to our DIY Corner, where creativity knows no bounds. This edition is dedicated to Handmade Holiday Crafts, providing you with tips and guidance to craft personalized decorations that will add a special and heartwarming touch to your home. These projects are not only easy but also enjoyable, making them perfect for the entire family to join in on the festive fun.

1. Personalized Ornament Creations

Tip #1: Utilize Family Photos: Create personalized photo ornaments by printing and cutting out small family pictures. Place them in clear baubles or create photo frames using cardboard. It's a sentimental touch that will adorn your tree with cherished memories.

Tip #2: Glitter and Glam: Add a touch of glamour to plain ornaments by brushing on a thin layer of glue and dusting them with glitter. Experiment with different colors to match your holiday theme.

2. Festive Wreath Making

Tip #1: Natural Elements: Craft a wreath using natural elements like pinecones, twigs, and dried oranges. Spray paint pinecones in festive colors or leave them natural for a rustic look. Attach everything to a simple wreath base using hot glue.

Tip #2: Personalized Ribbon: Finish off your wreath with a personalized touch by creating a ribbon with your family name or a festive greeting. Use stencils or stamps to make it uniquely yours.

3. DIY Advent Calendar

Tip #1: Mini Burlap Sacks: Craft an advent calendar using mini burlap sacks. Decorate each sack with numbers and fill them with small treats or messages. Hang them on a decorative board or string for a charming countdown.

Tip #2: Customizable Themes: Tailor your advent calendar to match your holiday theme. Whether it's rustic, modern, or traditional, aligning your calendar with your decor adds a cohesive touch to your festive home.

4. Hand-Stamped Gift Wrap

Tip #1: Carved Potato Stamps: Create unique and festive gift wrap by carving simple designs into halved potatoes. Dip them in paint and stamp onto plain wrapping paper for a personalized touch to your gift-giving.

Tip #2: Coordinate Colors: Coordinate your stamped designs with your overall color scheme. This adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness to your gift presentation.

Share Your DIY Magic

Share your handmade creations on social media using #FMTYDIYMagic. We can't wait to see your festive masterpieces!


Embrace the joy of crafting with these simple yet delightful DIY projects. Gather your loved ones, unleash your creativity, and let your handmade holiday decor tell a story of warmth and togetherness.

Happy crafting!

The Planners Digest TeamFMTY Weddings & Events

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