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Assisting Your Caterer Assist You

I'm not sure if you know it or not, your Caterer is one of the most important vendors of your wedding dream team. It's the caterer's job to meet your needs and wishes. You can make your caterer's job easier by seeing your relationship as a collaboration. The common goal: the success of your wedding reception. Here are a few tips on ways to make your experience with working with your caterer a positive and joyful experience!

  1. First, decide what your vision is and see if the caterer can accommodate it. Think about it thoroughly so that you articulate your wedding day goals.

  2. Stick to your vision. Don't give in to your instinct to just give in and let the caterers do what they do. A wedding planner or event planner can be invaluable in helping you create your vision.

  3. Be upfront with the caterer from the beginning on the amount of money you want to spend on catering. Stick to your figure.

  4. Recognize the caterer's strengths. Always ask what their signature dish is.

Remember, building a relationship with your vendors goes a long way to making your wedding a positive experience for both.

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