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Our initial consultation will give us the opportunity to sit down and get to know you while also giving you the chance to share with us your must-haves and your biggest dreams. We take this hour to look at images, jot down notes, think about logistics, and brainstorm. We also ask that you come prepared with an idea of a budget so that we know how we can serve you best.

After your first appointment, our team will meet and navigate through the overwhelming number of great ideas you've given us to orchestrate a strategic plan design especially for you!
This Initial Consultation Fee allows us to commit to you our time as well as allows you to take home a proposal and quote prepared for you.

Step 1

Book your Consultation

Step 5

Let The Planning Begin

Step 2

Proposal for Service Submitted

Step 3

Proposal for Services Accepted.

Step 4

Contract & Invoice Sent

Once your contract is signed, you will receive a Welcome email detailing the next steps in your Planning Journey! 


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