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Connecting Your Families After Engagement

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Now that you're engaged, you may believe that having a wedding is just two individuals coming together to live their lives as one unit. However, it's more than that. It's bringing together two different families. Oftentimes when families of engaged couples don't know each other, it's a great idea to arrange a meeting prior to the wedding weekend.
A great way to make that happen, is to coordiante a small gathering.

Lets begin with the parents:

If the two sets of parents live too far apart for a physical face-to-face meeting, a virtual conference call is the next best thing.
Customarily, the parent's of the groom contact the bride's family first. In all actuality it really doesn't matter who makes the first move, as long as the introduction is made.

Who should host?

If your family strongly believes in tradition then, the groom's parents would be the responsible party. However, we are living in modern times and family structures are diverse. It may be more conducive for all parties involved if the bride and groom takes the lead.

What kind of event should we host?

The type of event you host should be up to the host/hostess and the couple.
~Casual Events like a BBQ or Drop In are laid back and comfortable.
~Dinner or Weekend Brunch at a nice restaurant if you want the gathering to be more formal.

What if parents are divorced?

*If your divorced parents get along well then this portion of the blog doesn't apply to you.
If that's NOT the case, keep reading.*

When parents are divorced and there are stepfamilies involved planning a get-together can may have to be a little more creative.
Couples may have to consider organizing several get-togethers. Separate meetings should be arranged so that each set of parents have the opportunity to meet before the wedding day.
AT NO TIME SHOULD DIVORCED PARENTS BE FORCED TO GATHER IN A SOCIAL SITUATION THAT WILL MAKE THINGS UNCOMFORTABLE....I REPEAT…….AT NO POINT. This could result in a complete disaster… Think about it, although your parents are happy to celebrate your upcoming wedding, the less time they’re in the same space the better off you all will be. Trust me, I understand you may have hope that your engagement and wedding will miraculously heal old wounds caused by the divorce of your parents. Yes, anything's possible but be honest with yourself.

Remember, your engagement and wedding day should be filled with lots of love and joy.
So Govern Yourselves Accordingly.



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