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Stop & Think Before You Plan

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Your Ultimate Guide to the Beginning Planning of Your Wedding.

Check out this Blog post before you begin your wedding planning journey.

The Engagement Is On!

Stop and Think Before You Plan. I know you're excited about your engagement and just as excited about planning the wedding of your dreams. With all the excitement, you may not have all the tools you need to get the process started. No worries, what I'm about to share will get you started on the right road to Wedding Planning success.

Keep the positive energy of your engagement at the forefront of the wedding planning journey and everything else will fall into place.

Before You Begin

Here's what we'll cover in this Ultimate Guide To The Beginning of Your Wedding Planning.


Consideration Should Be Your Road Map.

During your engagement and the planning of your wedding, staying focused on your "Joy "and most importantly your "Why" will help keep everything into perspective.

Just think, you get the opportunity to bring your friends and family together and celebrate!

I know it's YOUR Wedding and you want to have it Your way. Yes, that all may be true. However, unless you're planning to elope (even then tread lightly), you must be considerate of your family, wedding party and guests in giving them the utmost care and attention. Plan your wedding celebration with the following in mind.

  • Make decisions that will preserve and enhance your important relationships.

  • Think clearly about the kind of occasion you, your family and guests will feel comfortable.

  • Let Go of a tradition that may offend anyone. Include a tradition that means a lot to someone close to you.

  • Show consideration to the elderly or medically challenged guests.

  • Find unique ways to include children if they're included.

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You're A Team

"There's No I In TEAM!" I know you've heard this phrase countless times. If by chance you haven't, let me break down its meaning or at least my interpretation of it.

You are not in this alone. When you either asked or accepted the proposal, that was a declaration of "We're in this TOGETHER."

From the beginning, middle and end of your wedding planning journey you should consistently be a unified team. You are going to have so many people coming at you with all kinds of ideas and advice. I'm sure they all will mean well. Be polite as you hear them out. My colleague and fellow wedding planner, Candice Mack shared this advice with me and I'm passing it along to you..... She said, "Suggestions are welcome, Opinions are Not needed." Please read that again and commit it to memory. Now with that being said here are some things to remember.

  • Communicate, Consider and Compromise. The way you handle the wedding planning together will forecast how you will handle choices and decisions as a married couple. Take this opportunity to get on one accord.

  • Don't Stress. There will be lots of decisions to make, some major and some minor. Don't allow them to take you over the edge, look at them as an exciting new adventure.

This is a major and joyous chapter in your book of life together. Relax and enjoy the ride.

It's Ok To Hand Over Duties

I will just leave you with one of the most critical and key pieces of information.

It is perfectly fine to pass some duties off to someone you trust. Listen to me clearly, you're going to have others who want to help you.You just have to open your mouth and ASK. I mean I don't know of any soon to be bride and groom who don't want assistance......that goes double if you for some reason aren't hiring a Professional Wedding Planner/Coordinator or Bridal Consultant but I digress.

If your day to day schedule is hectic, delegate, delegate, delegate. Remove some tasks off your list and pass them off to responsible individuals who have offered to assist you.

  • Once you pass a task off, let go and don't harp on it. If you trust yourself to give it up to this person, then trust that they will see it through. NO Micromanaging!

  • When you put someone in charge of a task, let others know and pass there contact information on to them.......Especially your vendors (paid company that will provide services for your wedding such i.e. Florist or DJ.)

Remain Organized

Things can get out of hand quickly, if you don't put a planning system in place. Whether you are using pen and paper or spreadsheet, your wedding planning will be a lot smoother if you have everything in one place.

Here are a few tips to keep you on task.

  • Create a To-Do-List, be sure to have them listed by time for example : 12 month Task etc.

  • Always have the following with you: Photos of your gown, color swatches, photos of ceremony and reception location.

  • Vendor's contact list: Name, Phone numbers and email addresses must be included.

  • Keep your Calendar close: You can use a hard copy or digital. be sure to color code and set alarms so you won't miss important meetings or appointments.

  • Create a Folder for all contracts. You never know when you have to refer to something important so keep them together (Side Note make sure your Planner/Coordinator has a copy)

  • Keep important documents together: Place your divorce papers, birth certificates, passports or drivers licenses in a folder or envelope. you just never know when you'll need them.

  • Last but not least; Check off completed tasks as they are done. There's no better feeling than to see what you've accomplished.

Keep Calm

NO Stressing. Doing this can send you into an emotional whirlwind. I know this is an emotional time for you both. Don't allow the details of planning your wedding to weigh you down. Here are 3 things to remember.

  • Inform, don't keep it to yourself. It doesn't matter if you decided to take it all on yourselves, keep one of your family members or close friends in the know. Check in with them periodically to get their insight...however, don't ask for their input if you've already decided.

  • Forgive. If something happens with your family that may be touchy, be the first one to apologize. There's nothing wrong with extending "the right hand of fellowship" even if you feel that you were right. Get over it and move on. I mean is it worth the hassle?

  • Don't React. Breathe In, Breathe Out. We never know why someone may be behaving in a difficult manner. He or she may be feeling like you won't have time for them once you're married. Be patient and understanding, even if they never say or you can't figure it out. Just breathe.Take Care of Yourselves. Make time to enjoy yourselves throughout the planning process. Don't allow stress and the planning of your wedding keep you from cherishing this time together.

Take Care of Yourselves. Make time to enjoy yourselves throughout the planning process. Don't allow stress and the planning of your wedding keep you from cherishing this time together.

For more wedding planning tips and resources, check out my other blog posts to help you plan the perfect wedding.

If you are planning your wedding and need some professional assistance, contact our offices today.

Leave comments below, I'd love to know if you found this helpful.

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