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Tips On Tastings

Let me just say that most reliable caterers offer potential clients tastings of their foods. It’s the only preview of the food before your wedding day.

Here are some tips on the things you need to look out for during your food tasting:

1. If choosing a buffet for your wedding, ask how often will the food be replenished.

2. Look for signs of freshness of the food. For instance is the vegetables brightly colored? Is the salad crisp? 3. Ask to see a portfolio of the caterers past events.

4. Pay attention to presentation of the food.

5. If details are important to you, be sure to ask about staff attire. 6. Ask how Flexible they are when it comes to the menu men. Most caterers are flexible when it comes to the menu.


At the end of the day, your caterer should be one that you are comfortable with. Remember, like with all vendors that you contract to provide services for you, the outcome should be to have a successful wedding day.

For more tips, check out our blog:

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