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Wedding Etiquette

Wedding Etiquette has so many sub-categories. However, here are a few of my favorites.


You do not have to invite everyone you work with, but be logical, and invite the co-workers who you've developed a positive working relationship with. Mail invitations to their home addresses and discuss wedding plans outside of the office.

CAN I REGISTER FOR GIFTS IF THIS IS MY SECOND MARRIAGE? Whether its your first marriage or your third, you can still register. Several people may want to give you a gift, including those who have attended a prior wedding. If you feel uncomfortable about receiving gifts, you may request monetary gift's instead. It’s also perfectly fine to request guests not bring gifts.

WHO SHOULD HOST THE REHEARSAL DINNER? Traditionally, the groom's parents are expected to pay for the rehearsal dinner. However, with the new trends, the couple may decide to pay for the rehearsal dinner. The families may even split the cost, still allowing the groom's family the opportunity to pay first.

Don't be afraid to ask your planner if you don't know all the answers to the wedding etiquette world.

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