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Where did The Tuxedo (Tux) Come From?

Where did The Tuxedo (Tux) come from?

Pierre Lorillard IV, of the tobacco fortune started the fashion. It was inspired by the traditional scarlet English hunt coat.

It was first worn by Pierre’s son Griswold and his friends. They were the firsts to wear this fashion to a ball in Tuxedo Park, New York in 1886. The tux got its name from the town. They wore scarlet vests under their daring new coats.

Well ....Where did the cummerbunds come from? 🤷🏾‍♀️

FYI: The cummerbunds origins came from an item of Hindu formal wear aka the “kamarband” or “loin band”.

Of course, those styles are no longer the “it” fashion. The modern day groom is usually choose a well designed tailored suit for their wedding attire.

No matter what you choose to wear on your wedding day, be sure to keep the wedding theme in mind. I’m sure your bride to be will keep you focused.

Photography Credit: Creative Images Photography

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