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The Goal For Attending Wedding or Bridal Expo Is To Maximize Your Experience!

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Tip #1

Prepare! Jot down a list of questions that you may have for perspective Wedding Professionals. ​ASK! ASK! ASK! You will have the opportunity to meet Wedding Experts in The Wedding Industry. Don't be shy, ask the questions that you need answers to.

Tip #2 Create a Wedding Only Email address. Having this type of email will help you keep all wedding planning resources in one place. You definitely want to have it handy the day of the Wedding Expo.

Tip #3

Bring a Cute Tote Bag With You. During the Expo You'll Walk Away with a lot of information from the Wedding Expo and the Vendors. It helps to have a cute Tote to drop the information in so you won't lose them.

Attending a Wedding Expo is a great way to connect with your potential Team...

You'll meet some amazing Wedding & Event Vendors

Event Designers, Make Up Artists, Wedding Cake Artists, Floral Designers, Bridal Stylists, Tailors.

If you're looking to attend a wedding or bridal expo, check out FMTY Hyatt Wedding Expo.

Head over to their website:

Your wedding planning journey should begin with taking the necessary steps.

Contact our office today to assist with your wedding planning.

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